How to install CryptoCurrencies data plugin for AmiBroker


Note: Before installing the CryptoCoins data plug-in please run once AmiBroker software and then close it. This is necessary to properly determine the installation path for CryptoCoins data plug-in.

Please, follow these steps to install the plug-in correctly:

1. Download CryptoCoins data plug-in installation package.

2. After downloading double click on the installation package's icon. This will launch the setup program. 


Note: You can safely accept all default values by clicking "Next" on each page and "Install" on the last page. 

Please select the installation language from drop down box and click "Next".


Select language dialog


3. The Welcome page will brings up. Click "Next".


Welcome page


4. The License page will brings up. Please read the license information before continuing and then click "Next". 


License information


5. If you want the user manual will displayed after installation, please check the "Display the PDF Installation Guide" and click "Next".


Additional options


6. The summary page will brings on. Click "Install" to run installation the CryptoCoins data plug-in.


Summary page


7. The installation process will brings up. After the installation process has been successfully completed, click "Finish" button.


Installation complete


 How to configure the CryptoCurrencies data plugin for AmiBroker 


1.  Run the AmiBroker.  The warning window is brings up (for each new version of the plug-in this window is brings up). Click OK button.

 Non-signed version warning


 2.  Create new database by clicking File -> New -> Database. The "Database settings" windows is brings up.


Database settings window


3.  Complete the next steps with "Database settings" window:

- Select database folder for data stores in.

- Create database for specified path by clicking the "Create"button.

Select CryptoCurrencies Data Plug-in from list of the available plug-ins (from data source drop down box).

- Enter the number of bars for selected base time interval.

Note: Only 1 minute, 5 minute, 15 minute, Hours and End-Of-Day base time intervals is available. 

- Click "Configure" to apply the selected settings for plug-in. If the configure is completed the Info window is brings up.


Congigure window


4. Close the Info window by clicking "Ok" button and next close the database settings window by clicking "Ok" button.

5. Select Marker from Markets list and then select needed symbol pair.



6. The data bars for selected symbols pair will be displayed.




7.  If data can not be updated, you will see the message, just try to manual update (see below)


Error update data


Note​: The AmiBroker is Autoupdate bars automatically. The refrash time is based on selected intervals, for example if selected 1 minute base time interval - amibroker will update data each 1 minute, if selected 15 minutes - each 15 minutes and so on. If you have manual update data feed just click right mouse button on green square area in status bar and select ​ Update data​


Manual update fo data


 That's all.